It started simply enough—on the boardwalk at the beach. 16-year-old Boxturtle Bob traded a Green Beret and his sneakers and got a harmonica in return. Right then and there he began playing that harp and an enthusiastic crowd gathered. When he was 19 he began playing the drums in the fallout shelter of his college dormitory, started gigging with a band 3 weeks later, and never stopped…well, except for six weeks in 1982 when he was attacked by a vicious ankle-biting Shiz-tsu and mangled up his right arm in a horrible bicycle wreck.

With his arm in a sling like that, he discovered that it hurt a lot less to strum the guitar than it did to try to play the drums. So, he began flogging the old Takamine and writing songs. With a hundred or so originals to his credit and 2 original CDs out, the Boxturtle has just recently come out of his shell, playing solo as a one-man-band (guitar, bass drum, hi-hat, cowbell, tambourine, clave, harp, kazoo, whistle, vocals and whatever else he can throw into the mix). There’s also the box of goodies filled with surprise instruments (like scrub board and bongos) for audience participation…let us not forgot the “custom songs.”

As a result of an international search, Boxturtle Bob was selected as author of “The World Soils Anthem”, which he performed at the Philadelphia Convention center—a huge hall with soil scientists from all over the world singing along!  When Boxturtle Bob plays at your party, you get a custom song too—if you want. The Turtle also does a bunch of cover tunes which span the musical spectrum from country to blues, rock to punk, folk to the truly obscure. He might sing in French, Spanish, Hawaiian, Pidgin English, or Pig Latin. He is, after all, an International SuperstarTM!!!